ANSA Mission:

As Americans for a National Service Act, we prioritize National Service as the most important public issue for the United States at the beginning of the 21st Century.  Our reasoning is simple.  Get Americans reengaged in the decision-making and functioning of this country through selfless 'hands on' service, and a cultural change will occur that will make solutions to all of our other problems possible.  Without this, it doesn't matter which President we elect, how much treasure we collect, or how sophisticated our technology becomes.  The decisive change is the one that occurs with you and me as individuals.  There is something greater than YOU.  It's US.  The day every American takes personal responsibility for this country and the world we live in is the beginning of the end to all of our problems.

Our Tasks:

1.  Join Military, Civil Service, and Social Service Veterans together with the common purpose of communicating the necessity of service as the key ingredient to reinvigorating America.

2.  Disseminate the ideas of Voluntary and Mandatory National Service.

3.  Promote public interest and debate on the ideas of National Service.

4.  Gather public support for a comprehensive Voluntary National Service Act as a critical step toward becoming a nation that fully embraces service as a key component of citizenship.

5.  Sustain public dialogue and capture 'lessons learned' from National Service in order to consistently improve National Service programs.