Show your support for National Service by contacting your congressional representative.

It's easy.

Step 1:

First, locate the contact information for your representative.

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Step 2:

Find out if your congressional representative is already in the National Service Caucus.

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Or you can click here for a record of how the 110th Congress voted on past National Service Bills.

Step 3:

Craft your own letter or e-mail or copy and adapt ours.

Dear Member of Congress,

America needs National Service.

I am writing to encourage you to take a stand on the most significant problem in America at the beginning of the 21st century.  It is the growing absence of civic participation and the direct involvement of most Americans in making our democracy successful.  Without greater contributions from the American people, solutions to the most challenging issues of the day continue to evade us.  This is true whether we are talking about preserving the environment, educating our young people, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, integrating newcomers, border and port security, or responding to natural disasters.

The answer to all of these problems is fully harnessing the strength, intelligence, and resolve of the American people, and the vehicle for achieving it is National Service.

Restore responsibility and power to the People.  Please join the bipartisan National Service Caucus.  I want to hear Congress seriously debate the ideas of voluntary and mandatory National Service.

For more information on the current National Service debate, visit

For information on the Campaign for a National Service Act by the end of 2009, please visit

Please remember that the power to ensure our democracy, and create a better world for future Americans, does not wholly belong to elected officials, government agencies, political parties, or the wealthiest of citizens.  To accomplish this, it will take all of us working in concert, helping and serving each other.

National Service offers us that opportunity.

Very Respectfully,

John Q. Public